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PPO Dental Insurance Plans

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are a network of participating providers that have made an agreement with a dental insurance company to accept a contracted fee (also known as a fee schedule) as payment in full instead of their usual fee for patients with the PPO. When you visit a PPO dentist you generally pay a percentage of the fee schedule rate (this is called co-insurance) and then the plan will pay the rest. The percentage the patient pays varies from service to service so if you know you need to get a specific procedure done you will want to see exactly how that is covered. Typically most dental insurance plans will pay 80 - 100% on preventive services like cleanings and oral exams. Basic services are generally covered from 40 - 80%, this includes things like fillings, simple extractions, sometimes even root canals. Major services will generally have a 12 month waiting period if you are not replacing a current dental insurance policy. If you need major work done but don't want to wait a year you can click here to get a quote on dental insurance plans with no waiting periods.

PPO Dental Insurance plans generally offer a good balance between lower costs for dental work and dentist choice. If you do not have a large PPO network near you or if the dentist you want to visit does not participate in any PPO networks available to you then you can always look at purchasing an Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans. Click here for more information on Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans.

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